Winter Fitness Favorites! – She.Is.Beautiful & Heart Ping Life

Does your motivation drop when the temperature drops?❄️ We love being cozy and definitely have to give ourselves an EXTRA pump up to get outside in the fall and winter. We have found when we have the right gear, it changes our winter fitness game.

Here’s some of our winter fitness favorites that we know will help improve your outdoor enjoyment: Gloves, long sleeve running tops, running vest, earband, and long tights.

Super Puffed

Bad Weather Gloves

EZ Tights

Base Pace High Rise Running Tights

Lux Ear band

PNW Earband

Daydream Crew Long Sleeve

Running Vest

While it may be hard to get yourself outside, once you’re out there and get into your fitness 10/10 you’re glad you did it.

Plus there’s few things better than that warm shower, cozying up by the fire, or jumping back into sweatpants after a winter adventure outdoors.