4 Simple Ways to Start Your Day Feeling Unstoppable – She.Is.Beautiful & Heart Ping Life

So many of us are searching for the routine that’s going to make us feel unstoppable, a secret that gives us unlimited confidence, or a green smoothie that will fixes our insecurities. There are so many incredible and inspiring people out there that have unlimited ideas about how to live YOUR best life and you have unlimited access to them. We love listening to podcasts of motivating and positive people, reading books that make us want to reach for more, and following people on social media that keep it real.

But what if, we reminded ourselves that every single one of us is human. What if we counted ourselves IN to opportunity, happiness, and our goals. What if we acknowledge while we all have different privileges, but we didn’t let that determine our worth or possibility in making our dreams come true. COUNT YOURSELF IN.

While there are unlimited great tips, what if there were 4 simple things we could start doing every day to lean into the best version of ourselves.

Here’s SIB’s TOP 4 for living well:

  1. Wake up with enough time to breathe. AKA not hitting snooze a couple times before rushing out of bed.
  2. Give yourself 5-15 minutes to reflect on 2 things you want to get done today and 3 things you are grateful for.
  3. Wear something that makes you feel empowered and strong.
  4. Hydrate. Yes, water. A lot of it. It nourishes every single part of you inside and out.

There’s something powerful about time and giving ourselves enough of it. Time to breathe. Reflect. And take action.