4 Things That Will Transform the Way You Shop – She.Is.Beautiful & Heart Ping Life

Our clothes can serve as an outward expression of ourselves.  While we are big believers that beauty is more than what meets the eye, fashion is like any other outlet we have access to:  a tool to make us happy, improve confidence, and be a source of FUN! We sat down with Erica Brown of Dylan Star to discuss her 4 tips that will transform the way you shop:

1.) Shop for the body you have NOW

 “I think a lot of times people say oh I’ll buy it and then I’ll fit into it later and it becomes this negative thing in their closet they look at and they don’t feel good enough. Buy something that fits you now and it makes you feel good now. If you happen to look better in it another time great but don’t make it be the reason you do or do not buy something.”

2.)  In the dressing room, think “How does this make me FEEL?”

“Shopping should be enjoyable. Clothes shouldn’t make you feel bad about yourself, they should make you feel positive.  Let them convey how confident you feel or a little bit about your personality.”

3.) Ask yourself, “How can I specifically incorporate this into my wardrobe?”

Do you have things in your closet that will match what you’re buying so that you use it?  How many different items can you pair with it?

4.)  Find the outfit first and a place to wear it second 

If you find something that fits great looks great and makes you feel good, but  you don’t have an occasion to wear it: Buy it and make an occasion! Don’t put it off, because then when you have to have something you can’t find anything and then you’re frustrated!