Women Running: The Motherhood Transition Edition – She.Is.Beautiful & Heart Ping Life

This is for those women runners who are thinking about getting pregnant or currently pregnant. How is my life going to change? What’s happening to my body? What will my postpartum look like?

Here’s some tips that may be helpful for you while pregnant:

  1. Everyone’s journey looks different (I’m sure you’ve heard this before). Some women feel great running through their pregnancy, other women who were avid runners stop after a few weeks and walk or do other activities. Listen to your body.
  2. Find a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist BEFORE your give birth. Having them part of your journey can be helpful to manage any pain but also for opportunities to strengthen and relax certain muscles.
  3. Some days you may feel great running, other days you might not. Finding a run/walk rhythm feels good too. Run for 5 minutes, walk for 5 minutes and repeat.
  4. Hormones are real. Your emotions and highs and lows may feel more extreme. This is normal but also seeking out support from friends, family, or therapist may be helpful for you.
  5. Add some strength training, yoga, hiking, or other physical activity. This can be hard for runners who are use to running out their door. Running is such an efficient activity that requires little equipment. Remember this is only for a few months, not the rest of your life :)
  6. Consider a belly band if you continue running (see Running through Pregnancy Wardrobe Tips!). The bellyband helps support your stomach and back.
  7. Release mileage or pace goals. Try setting out for a certain amount of time, like 30 or 60 minutes.
  8. Check your shoes. Make sure you have proper running or walking shoes. Especially with weight gain from pregnancy, having a good stable shoe is helpful.
  9. Stay hydrated! Your blood volume increases at mass amounts during pregnancy. Making sure you are staying hydrated supports both you and baby. Hydration is also really important in postpartum for healing and breastfeeding. If you are running through both or one of these processes, make sure you are upping your water to support this.