Why Netflix's "Workin' Moms" Is so Relatable and We Can't Stop Watching – She.Is.Beautiful & Heart Ping Life

The first time I clicked on this show in my “recommended” section of Netflix, I watched 6 episodes back-to-back without even realizing it. As I watched each characters challenges in motherhood even if my experience was a little different, I could picture each of their moments. It was all so relatable. I’ve laughed and cried and I feel like they are my friends- which means as a show, they have nailed it. While they capture some of the undeniable joys of motherhood, they also show the pieces that bring you to your knees. Some of my favorite topics and quotes that they have tackled so far are:

Self Validation as a Mom: One episode shows one of the moms questioning her self validation as a mother when she flies home from a work trip because her child is sick and taken to the hospital. She’s in her baby’s hospital room and talking to the nurse who is telling her she needs to get out of her son’s crib. “Listen, I don’t even know if I’m a good mom but I’m not getting out of this crib. I don’t know what I am, but I’m damn sure you’re not the determining factor in that.” Mic drop.

Prioritizing your needs: There’s an underlying heavy pressure for moms to feel like they need and should spend as much time as possible with their kids. Many of us want to be with them as much as possible as well because when they aren’t driving you crazy, you want to smother them in kisses. Motherhood is extremely demanding on a person and we aren’t going to sugarcoat that. Mom guilt is real whether it’s in going back to work, meeting up with a friend instead of putting the child to sleep, or taking time for yourself. One of the moms tells the other women, “Nobody says we have to be connected to our kids all the time.” It’s such a real thought, that when said out loud can feel harsh. But making space to feel good as a human is part of being a good parent. Go out with your friends, your partner, make space to grow and workout outside of your role as a mother. You are doing a great job.

Sometimes, motherhood breaks us: Some people describe motherhood as a moment where they felt like they blossomed. Other people feel like the beginning of motherhood is where they felt the most broken. Both are 100% ok and normal. It’s such a massive change, especially the first year of your child’s life. If you don’t feel like yourself, you are not alone. If you feel like you need professional help to navigate your life, get it girl. It doesn’t mean you’re not a strong amazing mom. Any mother who is taking care of herself in her foundation of motherhood, is a great mom. One of the moms shares that motherhood broke her relationship and mental health.  “I know something’s wrong with me. Not wrong, broken.” This line is so raw and real and relatable for so many.

If you haven’t tuned in and these themes have you saying, YAS GIRL, check out Workin’ Moms on Netflix. It started this past spring and we we’re late to the party. But we are LOVING it now, in fall.