5 Nontraditional Gifts for a New Mom – She.Is.Beautiful & Heart Ping Life

The last thing a new mom needs is more clutter that she has to find somewhere to store.  But don’t sweat trying to think of the perfect gift! What to buy is something she never KNEW she needed.  Here is what she will love:

  1. Pedicure gift card without an expiration date:  It may be months before she actually uses it, but it will be VERY appreciated.
  2. Clothes in sizes 2T and up: Everyone wants to buy the adorable itsy-bitsy outfits, but babies grow out of most things in about 3 seconds.  Items for bigger kids can last around A YEAR and people are NOT getting them as gifts. Think everyday items like jeans, zip up sweatshirts, etc.
  3. Small gifts for her other children, her dog, etc.:  The baby is getting #AllTheThings and everyone else can feel a little left out.  Remember that she loves those other children (or pets!) too and seeing them get a little surprise will brighten her day.
  4. The softest oversized wrap sweater you can find:  Whether she wants to cover that nursing tank top before going out OR hide the spit up on the t-shirt she has worn for a few days too many, a big oversized cardigan will be put to good use!
  5. Bringing dinner for her family MONTHS after a meal train has ended:  This can be especially helpful once a new mom has gone back to work, had a child start school or been through any other big transition (or because it’s a random Tuesday).