Podcasts We Love – She.Is.Beautiful & Heart Ping Life

How many times have you asked for suggestions and get a long list of podcasts, but get lost figuring out what ACTUAL EPISODES people really connected with.  Here are some favorites that lit us up, made us think and inspired us:

  1. Brene Brown on “The Tim Ferris Show”:  All hail Queen B. Enough said.
  2. Mel Robbins on “The School of Greatness”: We loved learning Mel’s epic life hack.
  3. Lauren Fleshman on “Running for Real Podcast”: Lauren speaks on topics from motherhood to business and breaks it down like no other woman we know.
  4. Abby Wambach on “The Good Life Project”:  Abby changed the game of soccer and embodies kindness!
  5. Rachel Cargle on “Real Talk Radio with Nicole Antionette”:  Rachel drops some serious knowledge surrounding racism and how we all can better do anti-racist work.
  6. Sally Bergesen on “Ali on the Run”:  We loved hearing the BTS of Sally running Oiselle