Why Running Changed Our Lives – She.Is.Beautiful & Heart Ping Life

Want to start to love running and add an extra spice to your life? GET IN ON THIS! Running has given us so much over the years, she.is.beautiful is our space to give back to it.

We get it, not everyone loves running, the same way not everyone loves kale…but a lot of people do and feel better for it so it’s worth hearing us out! A lot of people struggle with finding time or motivation for running (or fitness in general), you are not alone. But hear us out on why the struggle and the journey is worth every Nuun tablet you’ll ever consume…

“Intention is the powerful conscious thought behind everything you do, the cause and effect. If you feel stagnate or stuck, we invite you to take a look at your thoughts and the actions that have gotten you to this feeling. Apply intention to every aspect of your life and I dare you not to see massive transformation. – she.is.beautiful

Running. As little kids we do it all the time in the form of tag, simply how we got from one play structure to another, or how we scurried up stairs. As teens, many people have dreadful experiences of running in P.E. or using it as conditioning for other high school sports. As teens, our bodies change and move differently. Running feels different with boobs, periods, and hips (real talk). As adults, running enters our lives in different ways and at different times. Sometimes in the form of stress relief, physical or mental health, or social activity.

While running is our space to gain confidence, remind ourselves the power of saying yes, a place to practice showing up and taking chances, aide perspective, our therapy, gateway to new friendships, and move through grief, let’s dive in a little deeper.

We can’t help but want to get everyone on the running train because it’s changed our lives in such a powerful way and is so dang accessible! Running taught us how to self-motivate, how to persevere, how to set goals, and create community…but most of all, it help has helped us build (and continue to build) a strong relationship with our inner self. Whether it’s the motivation we need to get out the door on a cold morning or get up early to get exercise in, or the inspiration to keep going up a hill or another mile, running truly shows us our self dialogue and gives up opportunities to change it. Every single one of us has experienced negative self talk and with that, most of us experience it every day. We like to think of negative self talk as our passive self; it’s uncontrolled. We call our positive self talk our conscious voice; it takes effort and intention.

From setting our alarms to lacing up our shoes to pushing ourselves out the door to signing up for a race; these all take effort- true effort. In every aspect of running, you have to intentionally make it happen. While we talk about motivation to run on another post, running changed out life because it taught us how to apply this rule of intention to everything we do. Apply intention to every aspect of your life and I dare you not to see massive transformation.

Put on your shoes sis. You deserve to go after everything you want in every area of your life.