5 Items That Changed Our Running Game – She.Is.Beautiful & Heart Ping Life

One of the things we love the most about running is that you truthfully don’t need much. Running without a watch once you know a certain route’s distance feels really freeing and natural. With that said, if you are training for something, simply want to find more ways to enjoy running, or want to take your running up a notch, here are some items we know can help support your running goals.

  1. Running shoes that are specific to you.

All of our bodies and feet are different. The running shoes that work for your friend may not be right for you. We encourage you to check out your local running or sports store and get fitted for running shoes. According to some researchers, running shoes should be replaced anywhere from 300 to 500 miles after the first wear. We go by this rules. Old or worn shoes can lead to injury so keep this in mind!

2. Running clothes that make you feel comfortable and inspired.

We too have some older workout clothes that we dip into occasionally when we have run through (pun intended) our new gear. But truthfully, finding running clothes that you feel good in will increase your likelihood to want to run. Be aware of clothing that chafe or feel too tight or too loose. You deserve to feel good- even when you’re working out. So basically this is a green light to buying that running top or capri’s you’ve been eyeing.

3. A running watch.

There are so many makes and models out there, find a running watch that suites you. We have come to love the Garmin Forerunning 235 because it is easy to read, easy to work, and syncs great with the Garmin phone app and Strava app.

4. Goodr sunglasses, sunscreen, and great hats.

Sun protection and heat protection are crucial for both short term and long term health. Plus who likes the bright sun blinding their eyes while they are also trying to stay motivated to keep running? Yea, no one.

5. Nuun hydration and hand held water bottles.

If you are running for over an hour (or even shorter depending on how hot the temperature is) we recommend using a handheld water bottle. Our favorite handheld water bottle is by Nathan Hydration because it’s light, doesn’t spill, and easy to hold (even in small hands!). Nuun Hydration has a variety of flavors- pick one that suits you (we love lemon lime and grapefruit). It’s complete electrolytes will keep you hydrated and energized throughout activity.

6. FlipBelt so you can run hands free.

If you run with a phone and don’t want to carry it, the FlipBelt sits great on your hips without bouncing. There are also extra pockets for keys or other small items you may need to store. It’s a keeper!