I’m Not a Runner, Where Do I Start? – She.Is.Beautiful & Heart Ping Life

Welcome! We love walkers, joggers, and all levels of runners here. Not everyone needs to be a runner but if you are interested in incorporating running into you life, here’s a quick guideline to jump in:

  1. Remember you don’t go from not running to then instantly running 3 miles. Start slow and pace yourself (literally).
  2. Get honest with yourself where you are in your physical fitness. Are you already active? Do you hike, bike, do yoga, or another form of fitness?
  3. Find the right entry for YOU. Do you want to have a group to move with? Do you want to start on your own? Do you want to get a friend to start with you?

Fleet Feet Sports has a great running and walking community. We encourage you to check them out as a great entry into this awesome sport.

A great way to jump-start is find a local 5k run and start training about 8 weeks out from the event. Runners World provides a great 6- Week Beginner 5k Training Plan.

Most importantly, keep it fun and don’t over do it. Finding the balance between when to push it and when to rest is key. Rest is very important, it allows your body to recover and get stronger. You will learn so much about your mind and body through this process.