4 Ways to Use Training for a Race to JUMPSTART Your Whole Life in 2020. – She.Is.Beautiful & Heart Ping Life

Goal Mood: LET’S DO THIS. Find a race with ample time to train, hit register, and let the process begin!

Depending on the distance of the race and your current fitness, take 12 weeks to “train”. If you’re thinking-whoa, 12 weeks(?!?) that sounds intense– I’m not a professional here?! Clap back. Find a training plan or group that fits your lifestyle and desire. Your plan might be a walk plan or a run plan or a little of both.

Start exactly where you are. Think about how you want to feel at the start line and let that be your goal. How you show up to the start line, is how you show up in your life.

Here’s 4 ways getting through a training process will inspire your life in ways you never imagined:

  1. Giving an additional “focus” allows you to practice committing, scheduling, and executing a plan. Here the plan is training for a race but in life “the plan” could be a goal in any sector. Your career, relationships, personal growth. While you can’t write a training plan for a lot of life, you can write down a goal and then small goals or action plans that will help you accomplish them.
  2. If you’re not already in a physical fitness condition you feel good about, training for a race often improves your health, fitness, confidence, and general happiness. Who doesn’t want more of that?
  3. The opportunity to experience positive self talk in the face of adversity on a regular basis. No matter what your current shape is, training for anything is challenging. How can you dig deep, encourage yourself, and keep it fun? In your training, you will have to find ways to stay motivated, push through when it gets hard, and adapt changes. Come back to a positive attitude throughout the process; let this be one of your goals. This action can be applied to every aspect of your life.
  4. Inspiration to find ways to celebrate your success along the way. When working towards a goal, it truly makes it more enjoyable if you sprinkle in some rewards along the way. Celebrate your small wins. Maybe that reward is something simple like a latte or cozy-ing up to your current favorite Netflix after a weekend run. In life, finding these “treats” on our way to a longer term goal can be really helpful and keep the fire burning. Most of us are bound to feel more inspired to keep going, when someone (including ourselves) tells us, “great job!”

So when you get to that start line, remember it’s really just the beginning. Reflect on the journey you’ve been on to get there. Maybe the process went exactly as planned. Maybe it went better or worse. Take in that moment across that finish line. Cause truly, training for a race looks a lot like life. There’s hurdles, days we want to give up, celebrations, and surprises. Carry this process and inspiration with you to tackle your next mountain.