Women Supporting Women: Hoka One One Walks Their Talk – She.Is.Beautiful & Heart Ping Life

She.is.beautiful has partnered with Hoka One One for the last 3 years and have agreed upon another 3 year partnership through 2022. When originally jumping forward together we didn’t know what to expect from one of the newest shoes in the marketplace. We were hopeful, like a pair of newlyweds, but were unsure what our future would look like.

Hoka One One walks their talk when they say they want to “win with women.” They show up, stand up, support, and represent. Did you know Hoka One One is the only shoe brand with a woman president? Wendy Yang holds her team accountable to stick to their brands core values, “Women are a huge priority for HOKA, especially since they comprise over half the running shoe market. We want our product, and the experience of running in it, to resonate with them in unique and meaningful ways; through our storytelling and our athletes, we are trying to convey that we are a brand for every type of runner – that women of all experiences and stripes can run in our shoes, and even enjoy it.”

Not only is Hoka One One focused on elevating women’s running, they are also advocating for inclusion both in their workplace and in the sport of movement. Through their social media and marketing you will find them celebrating and shining light on communities and individuals who aren’t typically represented the in movement space.

She.is.beautiful’s Assistant Race Director Sara Tanza with Hoka One One professional athlete Anna Mae Flynn at the She.is.beautiful finish line. Anna is a badass athlete AND a math teacher. How rad is that?!

Wendy and her team WALK THEIR TALK. They have showed up to both our she.is.beautiful events in Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara, California. At our Santa Barbara event they have built a Women Who Fly retreat weekend that happens around the race to bring together women athletes of all levels for a weekend of celebration, inspiration, and connection.

At one of our she.is.beautiful events you can find yourself in a Hoka One One lounge in our post-race festival where they have spaces for you to take photos, relax with your friends and family, grab a complimentary cup of coffee first then come cozy up here taking in the glory of your accomplishment, and chat with their team.

We can’t get into the details about our favorite Hoka shoes without mentioning one of that rad people we get to work with at Hoka One One, Christian. He’s not a woman but he has seen us working through pregnancies and even carried on the meeting when we slid one of our sleeping newborn babies under the meeting table. Hoka One One #MenSupportingWomen .

Wendy Yang, Hoka One One president, presenting $200 check to athlete Dani Moreno at She.is.beautiful Santa Barbara. Everyone here is WINNING.

If you haven’t tried Hoka One One shoes yet, we suggest giving them a try. You can find them at your local running store or hokaoneone.com. You can also give them a try at one of our she.is.beautiful community meet-ups!

As Wendy says, ” Our shoes don’t just look different – they feel different, perform differently, and offer a truly unique experience.”

Here’s SIB’s take on our favorite styles of Hoka’s:

Rincon: This shoe has a significant amount of cushion while also being fairly light weight. It was named, “Editors Choice” by Runners World for obvious reason. It’s smooth and responsive AF.

Clifton: This is probably one of the most popular Hoka One One shoes as it features more of the cushion that Hoka was originally known for. It’s more of a stability shoe that provides balance and ease. Like running on a foam mattress- and what fluffy running or walking dreams are made of!

Tracer: This minimal shoe is one of our faves. We love it for the road and for the track. We’ve trained for marathons wearing Tracers for our track work outs and tempo long runs. The Tracer is fast, it’s light and we can’t get enough of it. We love you Tracers, you speedy little devils!

Tracer, we love you.

Hupana: From treadmill running to work out classes to running errands, the Hupana is neutral and light and may we add STYLISH! Hupana are the yoga pants of athleisure footwear. You heard it here.

Find your favorite at Hokaoneone.com!