Their Story Matters: A Mother-Daughter Duo Changing the Snack Game – She.Is.Beautiful & Heart Ping Life

We are suckers for how the minds of the people behind our favorite ideas work.  Val and Breezy are no exception! This mother-daughter duo are the masterminds that brought us Skinny Dipped, one of our favorite snacks that make their way into all swag bags at She.Is.Beautiful races.

What is something you are personally obsessed with right now? 

Val:  Kindness. And the Greatest British Baking Show.

Breezy:  I’m currently obsessed with my perfect morning breakfast sandwich, whole wheat English muffin, rubbed with garlic and a poached egg, spinach and a slice of heirloom tomato.

What is a habit you have developed that elevates your professional life?

Val: The habit which most nourishes my professional and personal self is going on Lon solo walks. Walks free my brains from the daily demands of work so there’s space to mentally meander, relax, and conjure up crazy ideas.

Breezy: I work hard to protect my Saturdays and Sundays and recently I’ve been prioritizing nearby weekend stays. Most recently my husband and I stayed out on Whidbey Island, we went for hikes and had a glass of wine on the beach by the fire. I’m embracing the idea that sometimes less truly is more. Protecting my weekends and getting out into nature helps me reset and restore for the upcoming week ahead.

What was your biggest obstacle in founding Skinny Dipped?

Val: Facing the fear of being stressed out in my late fifties knowing what going “all in” would require.

Breezy: Learning to navigate the world of manufacturing and private equity as a young woman.

What is a #BigScaryGoal you are aiming for?

Val: Hmm, probably a desire to return to my roots as a documentary producer to help tell stories about the children, families, communities impacted by the grim inequalities of the cacao supply chain in West Africa. Through Skinny Dipped I’ve learned a lot about chocolate production and about cocoa’s child laborers. Because of potential blow back, it’s a goal that’s both scary and compelling.

Breezy: Speaking in front of large groups has always been tough for me, but I feel my telling my story and offering my experience to other young women I can hopefully help to do my part in mentoring and fostering entrepreneurship in women.  

What is your favorite SkinnyDipped flavor?

Val: Dark Chocolate Cocoa. I’m a purist that way.

Breezy: Peanut butter all the way.

Learn more about Skinny Dipped here or on instagram! You can snag a bag in your goodie bag or at target!