Tricks to make your home feel COZY – She.Is.Beautiful & Heart Ping Life

We believe so strongly that our environment effects our mood. We love the power we each have to make positive changes in our space. Maybe we can’t change everything as we’d like but there are small items you can add that increase the your hygee. Do you want to make your home feel most cozy (who doesn’t?!)

The quickest way  to make a home feel warm? Invest in some fun blankets! This fuzzy blanket covers both snug and cute. For something with a little more pizazz but still lots of warmth try this stylish blanket from Hillery Sproat, it’s fine art meets comfort.

A cozy home isn’t complete without a warm drink. For some great coffee at home you can always find us drinking our local fave, Verve. For something with a little less caffeine, we always turn to matcha. Matcha+Tumerice= Love in a cup. Make sure you have the perfect mug to enjoy your coffee, check out our Sexy Magic mug. It’s sure to bring even more magic to your life!

To bring extra warmth, always go for a candle. We love how this candle looks and smells! For some extra woodsy vibes, you can always count on Magnolia Home to bring the coziness.

Now to tie together the whole home together, make sure you have the perfect basket to store all your comfy blankets. This one from World Market comes in multiple sizes, so you can always add to your cozy blanket collection.

For a fun finishing touch, you can never forget the throw pillows. We are currently obsessed with velvet pillows in all sorts of colors. These come in a wide range of colors, sure to bring some brightness to your easeful home.

What is a cozy home? A space where you feel good. Bring more joy and warmth around your physical space and it might just seep into everyone who steps into your home.