Their story matters: Erin, founder of Athletes for Yoga – She.Is.Beautiful & Heart Ping Life

Yoga has been a part of our lives since we were teenagers.  It has seen us through so many phases of our lives, showing up both to challenge and restore our bodies.  Yoga has also been a part of the She.Is.Beautiful movement since the beginning, with post race yoga classes offered at all of our races and a boutique yoga event each summer.  When creating the Good Energy Challenge, we knew having access to an online yoga practice would be extremely motivating, which is why we chose to partner with Athletes for Yoga.  We sat down (virtually!!) to find out more about Erin Taylor, who founded Athletes for Yoga

She.Is.Beautiful:  How did you and yoga meet?

Erin Taylor:  “I started doing yoga as an injured collegiate basketball player. If you’ve ever been injured you know — you’ll try anything to get off the bench. Reluctantly at first, I rolled out a mat and in those early days wished that yoga would address my needs as an athlete. Since no sport-specific yoga solutions existed at the time, I stopped waiting for someone to connect the dots for me and did it myself. I created Athletes for Yoga to help athletes everywhere, at every level, use yoga to become more balanced, resilient, and powerful athletes.”

SIB:  What does balance mean to you?

ET:  “Balance. Your body is engineered for it. But it’s not about perfection. There’s no need to be rigid or stoic in your definition of balance because the reality is that it’s fluid—it changes all the time depending on where you’re at in your life, your training cycle, your day.

SIB: What is one reason we should add yoga to our lives?

ET:  Yoga gives us the space to systematically assess where we’re at, redefine balance, and consciously correct ourselves back toward “center.”

Check out @athletesforyoga and try their free trial!