Thoughts on Work/Life Unbalanced Balance – She.Is.Beautiful & Heart Ping Life

If you’re sitting here feeling like you are not enough in one area of your life today-cut the BS. Balance is a lie. When you are juggling ALL THE THINGS, one thing is going to be getting more love than the other–and that doesn’t mean you love one more then the other. It’s a trade-off and everyone gets a turn.

“In today’s culture — where self-worth is tied to our net worth, and we base our worthiness on our level of productivity – spending time doing purposeless activities is rare. For many of us, down time and play sound like an anxiety attack waiting to happen.”– Brene Brown

Health, work, self-love, relationships, family. It’s trade-off and a juggle. So stop right here, breathe, and remind yourself that sometimes you need to be ALL IN and sometimes you need to opt out. Listen, cheetahs are one of the fastest animals on earth, but when they are chasing their prey at 75 miles/hour, they are resting. Maybe you can’t be like a cheetah because your life isn’t zero OR 75 mph, but maybe for you, your constantly feeling like you need to maintain a 30 MPR with some 70 MPR stretches. Maybe it doesn’t feel like ALL or NOTHING…it feels like everything.

So what can you do to feel more balanced in an unbalanced world?

  1. Be aware of where you are putting your energy. Do it consciously. Before committing to something think about if saying yes to it feels good of it feels like it’s constricting you in a negative way.
  2. No matter how busy you are make space to breathe and feel grounded. Lay on your bedroom or office floor. Set your phone timer for 5 minutes. Lay, breathe, and get grounded by the things you are grateful for in that moment. If you don’t make space for yourself, no one else will either. Own that.
  3. Wherever you are be THERE. Are you in a meeting? Are you at work? Are you with friends? Are you with family? Are you doing self care? Wherever you are be there so wherever you are next can be fully present there too. Make sense? Being in one place but thinking about another makes you feel like you aren’t accomplishing anything.
  4. Make time to play. Allowing yourself to rest and play will increase you inspiration and motivation and decrease your chances of feeling burnt out. We’re all in on THIS.

BURN OUT IS NOT A BADGE OF HONOR. Your health matters. Read that again.