Should I be wearing a face mask when I'm running or walking during the pandemic? – She.Is.Beautiful & Heart Ping Life

We believe in the perspective and grounding outdoor fitness can provide for our physical and mental health- in every day life AND during a pandemic. While beaches and trails are closed to runners, walkers, and the rest of the general public population in many counties, the CDC guidelines do not currently say to avoid outdoor exercise.

We have had many people ask if they should wear a mask while running or walking. While we believe you should refer to advice from your local health department as some counties have stricter guidelines than others; generally speaking the most important thing to keep in mind is self isolation. If you are running and walking in a busy area, yes you should wear a mask. If you are running on desolate streets around your neighborhood where you aren’t coming into contact with people, then you can probably opt out of a mask (but if it makes you feel more comfortable, then do it!).

“The importance of the mask is to protect yourself [and others] in settings where people are around,” says microbiologist Dean Hart, O.D. “In a running setting, however, you are normally not running through crowds of people or in packed settings,” he explains. “It’s not necessary if you are running in desolate areas and maintaining social distance, but if you are going to be surrounded by people, I would suggest taking the precaution and wearing the proper mask.” (Related: Should You Start Making and Wearing DIY Masks to Protect Against the Coronavirus?)

If you are in an area surrounding people, here are some sew and no-sew ideas on how to make mask to protect yourself listed here from the CDC.

Please note information in this post is accurate as of press time. As updated about the pandemic evolved we suggest you stay up to date with your local public health department and the CDC for future recommendations.