9 Items to Make Running in the Winter FUN. – She.Is.Beautiful & Heart Ping Life

Like most things in life, when you are prepared to run in the rain and have the right gear, it’s quite enjoyable! Yes, you could opt inside and hop on a treadmill, jump into a yoga or fitness class, but there’s something really nice about being able to run out your door. Running outside provides SO.MANY.BENEFITS including convenience and efficiency!

#1 rule to winter running if it’s raining: if it’s not waterproof it should be tight or spandex so it doesn’t get soggy or chafe you. Wearing a heavy soggy cold shirt or pants is a fast way to “no fun”-so avoid it at all costs!

Things to consider when getting dressed to run (and pumping yourself up) in the rain:

  • If it’s raining but not cold: If it’s not that cold, don’t OVER layer and get so hot that it’s not fun. Depending on how cold it is, consider just wearing a tank top and a waterproof jacket shell vs lots of layers. Long running pants vs capri’s vs spandex shorts. Opt-in to a hat to block the rain from getting in your face :)
  • If it’s just cold but not wet: Long sleeve (maybe vest if needed), opt-in to gloves, ear warmers/headband, leggings or capri’s.

Below we have listed some of our favorite items that will keep you moving and warm outside through the winter months.

9 items to make running in winter more enjoyable (epic winter playlist not included but can be found here):

  1. Arm Warmers– These arm warmers by Oiselle are some of our favorites because they are so soft! Arm warmers are perfect if you know you will get warm in your workout and want to wear a tank top but also want your arms to be warm. Perfect running accessory tackling warmth and style. Check!
  2. Waterproof Jacket– We prefer a jacket shell with layers underneath so you can control how warm you are. The shell is great if you aren’t that cold but it’s raining and wet. You can wear this over a tee or tank top or long sleeve depending on how cold it is. Shell options: North Face, Asics, Columbia, Addias .
  3. Gloves or Mittens (fleece lined preferred if it’s pretty chilly)-Keeping your hands warm is a game changer. Don’t skimp on this- it could make or break your enjoyment! Depending on your preference, if it’s really cold, mittens tend to keep your hands the warmest!
  4. Waterproof hat– We are biased to our SIB SHE-etah hat but there’s a ton of great options: Oiselle, Nike, Lululemon.
  5. Legit Long Sleeve– Bonus if they have built in thumbholes, are we right?! Here’s a few we love: Nike, rabbit, Oiselle
  6. Running Tights– There’s such a wide range of running leggings you can purchase. From Old Navy to Lululemon to Nike. You can’t really go wrong as long as you get a pair that fit you correctly ( i.e. not snagging, not digging into your hips, etc.).
  7. Wool running socks: These Smartwool socks will keep you warm even if they get wet. Also, wool doesn’t get soggy the way cotton socks do ;)
  8. Ear Warmers- If you’re someone who runs cold, you may want to consider a headband that covers your ears. Here’s a few of our favorites: Oiselle and Nike.
  9. Vest– If you get warm fast but your core stays cold, try a vest option. If it’s raining try a waterproof vest like this one with long sleeve underneath. If it’s just cold, get something with some girth like this one or really any fleece or slightly puffy vest you already have.

****If it’s dark in the morning or evening, consider wearing reflective gear like this epic light up vest or headlamp. Safety first, fun and sweat second!*****

So don’t be afraid of the winter. Don’t overthink it- just GO.

Get outside and explore, sweat, love, and move. We’ll see you out there!