5-minute push ups and why we love them. – She.Is.Beautiful & Heart Ping Life

From holding the ones with love, to physical work, our arms literally move mountains.  With that said, we hear from so many people that their goal is simply “to feel stronger”.  We also know that you might not have a lot of time or equipment to work towards this goal. You are a perfect candidate for 5 minute push ups!  All you need is 5 minutes and a timer.

Let’s break it down…

  1. Pick a number between 2-8.  You will be doing many sets of this amount of push ups, so air on the conservative side to start!
  2.  Set a timer for 5 minutes
  3. Start your timer and do that amount of push ups.  Rest for the remaining time of that first 30 second block
  4. When the next 30 second block starts, do that same number of push ups again
  5. Repeat every 30 seconds until your timer goes off and 5 minutes is complete.

That’s it!  Simple, but packs.a.punch!

Tag #runsheisbeautiful and #5minutepushups so we can see where you got yours in today!