3 Actually Helpful Tips to Sustaining Your Health Goals – She.Is.Beautiful & Heart Ping Life

Health is not a quick fix. Our health is something we continually work on to feel stronger in our mind, body, and spirit. It changes over time. We adapt in ways that feel right to our current life. Here are 3 tips we believe can help you stay focused and feel good with your long term vision of health:

  1. WHY and FEELS. First and foremost, before charging forward into your health goals take a moment and find your intention. WHY do you want to add more fitness to your life and/or make changes towards a healthier self? Another question to ponder is how do you want to FEEL as you take steps forward towards this focus? Assessing the real intention behind your focus is an important part of staying motivated and aligned with what you value.
    1. Maybe your WHY is to have more energy for friends and family or to help inspire a more positive mindset or to give you confidence or an opportunity to practice perseverance or to feel stronger in your body. Here’s some examples of feelings: I want to feel more energized, I want to feel happier, I want to feel like I can do anything, I want to feel community, I want to feel inner peace, I want to feel stronger in my body.
  2. Adopt a mindset that CELEBRATES your successes instead of SHAMING your failures. Often times when it comes to fitness or making changes towards a healthier lifestyle, we can start out CRUSHING IT. It’s new and exciting. You are hyping yourself up and celebrating each time you show up. But there will also be times you don’t want to work out or don’t follow through on your vision of a healthy lifestyle and during those times this is when you release shame or disappointment and just do it differently the next time.
  3. Our 80-ish% and 20-ish% suggestion. At she.is.beautiful we believe in sticking to our vision of a healthy lifestyle 80-ish-% of the time and it feels so dang good. It’s not exact, but it’s the majority of our choices when it comes to overall health-mind, body, spirit. The other 20-ish-% is us drinking cocktails or opting out on fitness or choosing almond croissants over veggie scrambles. In that 20-ish-% there’s no shame and it’s delicious.