Their Stories Matter: Jenny Schatzle – She.Is.Beautiful & Heart Ping Life

We met Jenny Schatzle in Santa Barbara our second year of and we’ve loved having her energy at the start lines for nearly a decade. We are proud of you Jenny and cheering for you every day -not just when you’re #winning but also when in the depths of motherhood, business, and self care.

We asked Jenny to share her journey, her challenges, and lessons.

I’m Jenny Schatzle a speaker, blogger, two time TEDx talk, part owner of Bond Fitness, mom to twin girls and soon to be author! My story starts growing up in Minnesota, moving to California after high school, getting a job working the front desk of Gold’s gym and having no idea what I wanted to do in life!  I was given the opportunity to learn how to teach group fitness which I originally said, NO. I didn’t believe I had the talent to do it and all the adults in my life told me you can’t make a career (or any money) in fitness. That same year I took a 3 month internship in the marketing department of the gym and I found out really quick that a desk job is not something I was meant to or wanted to do in my life. And I went for the group fitness opportunity and it changed the course of my entire life!   

My biggest challenge was believing in who I was, my worth and my talent. And what I found out very quickly was my greatest talent is being authentically me! I tried really hard in the beginning to be like other people, do things in a way people thought I should and I was desperate for the approval and validation from others. And because of this when I first started my career my classes were terrible, so bad in fact, people would leave halfway through! It wasn’t until I started to own my own voice, my outgoing energy and be authentically me that everything turned around. What I learned in this process is, we all have a superpower and that power is being exactly who we are! No one else can be you and that is a powerful. You can’t get from other people what you don’t have ourselves so respect, love and acceptance, those are things that can only come from one place YOU! 

I have learned so many valuable lessons in life but this one in particular has helped me soar… ACCEPT who you are as you are right now! After having my twin girls I really struggled with who I was. I worked really hard to become the person I am and I didn’t want to lose that person. I was scared that I wasn’t the mom I thought I was going to be because sidebar, parenthood looks nothing like you thought it would! And it wasn’t until I realized every chapter of your life is going to need a different version of you and that when you accept the transition, the evolution and realize that it’s not about who you’ve lost it’s about who you get to become that your life soars in so many ways! 

My first 5k (She Is Beautiful 2017) 3 months after having my twin girls, Hope & Haven.