4 Ways to Recommit to Your Job – She.Is.Beautiful & Heart Ping Life

Purpose is a heavy word. It feels like it holds the single secret to our life. But please keep in mind, you have MANY purposes. On our journey in life we can get lost (or tired!) along the way. If you have work that excites you but need some quick inspo on how do to stay inspired and stay committed to it, here’s a few ideas to ponder:

  1. Write down why you started in the first place and also what you have evolved to recieve from your purpose
  2. Continue to educate yourself. Read books, go to an inspiring conference, listen to podcasts or motivating meet-ups that will get your creative juices flowing. Don’t be afraid to put yourself in experiences outside your comfort zone- you might be suprised where inspiration comes from
  3. Make time for your personal happiness outside of your work. Making time for you will keep you energized!
  4. Know that inspiration comes in waves. In work, there are parts we LOVE and parts we don’t. When doing the parts you don’t enjoy remind yourself that it’s all part of the process.