5 Key Elements of a Home Office – She.Is.Beautiful & Heart Ping Life

If you are finding yourself working from home, here are some tips to making an inspiring space- even if it’s in a closet or corner of your bedroom. Setting up a space designated for work can be helpful to direct your focus and inspiration in this unknown time. Here’s some elements that may help you create a little haven for yourself.

  1. Candle; find a scent that inspires you. We know it can be hard to transition between life and work. Create an environment that feels different than the rest of your home. We love this salted grapefruit scent, but find one that works for you.

2. Hydration. Grabbing a large water bottle and keeping it at your desk, or filling up a thermos full of hot tea so you can keep refilling your cup, or throwing some Nuun Hydration in there if you plan to run later. Keeping our bodies and brain hydrated keeps up focus and energy.

3. Inspiring note or quote. Grab a pen and write something down that fires up your heart. Place it next to your desk so you see it often when your mind starts to wander.

4. A notepad with a list of realistic things you want to get done each day. Find a pen or pencil that feels good in your hand. The act of writing things down and crossing them out is an empowering process.

5. A plant or fresh wild flowers (it doesn’t have to be perfect). There’s something powerful about have growth and living things around you. Find a plant that makes you smile. Check out these pots for succulents or small plants.

This won’t be forever, but it is happening right now. Find a way to make your space as enjoyable as possible. The better your feel, the more you will look forward to being there…and the better work you can generate.

Sending love your way today.