Cannonballing: Let's get back to goal setting – She.Is.Beautiful & Heart Ping Life

Is it just me or are we all waiting for someone to tell us it’s ok to have future goals again?

Maybe we’re waiting for someone to come over the loudspeaker, as if we’re in a scene from the Truman Show and tell us,”You’re going to be ok. Goals and dreams are back, go for it…and ACTION”

For many, setting a goal has felt hard because for the last 2 years the goal has mostly been to try to keep it together each day. 

I’m a self described optimist and like many, the last 2 years have felt so damn hard. Not like normal hard where you are challenged by this one thing and then shit gets worse but then it evens out or something good happens or a lesson is revealed in glowing lights.

Like many, my baseline for feeling “ok” is already low, so when I make my way back to this point I’m left comparing myself to the pre-covid times. {Need a visual for hard feelings, imagine a woman gliding down the rapids in a blow up raft, pinballing side to side in a shirt that says, “you got this!” but doing her best to avoid the boulders and crash while wondering if she could possibly really “got this”.}

While there are people who are with me in this feeling, there are also many people who’ve felt better and who have felt worse through the 2020/2021 experience. All of our hard looks different and I’m not here to say who’s hard is harder. Let’s not compare hard, it doesn’t feel healthy.

The summer of 2020 I decided to look to the future with both an uncertain and YOLO lens. Will the world ever feel normal again? What’s even real? F it. 

Let’s camp outside in the grandparents backyard then wake up and walk to donuts. 

Snow, let’s go 3 times and teach the kids how to ski since school is virtual and we can take it anywhere. 

Move our home, let’s do it. No time like now.

Kid, let’s have another one.

Work, let’s host that brick and mortar pop-up shop I always dreamed about. 

Who knows what’s going to happen next, let’s jump in with both feet…no not jump, let’s freaking cannon ball. Let’s splash water e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e and see what sticks.

Has the last few years left anyone else feeling like they are living in this in-between space? Commiting to things without full certainty of what’s going to happen? Setting a goal has felt hard because for the last 2 years the goal has mostly been to try to keep it together each day. Amongst all the cannon balling over here, I’ve been looking for solid ground to dream forward and Sarah’s words are helping me find my feet at this moment. So I’m passing them on.

Tag, you’re it.

What we practice grows stronger.

What’s nourishing you?

What’s not serving you?

These three lines from Sarah Meyer Tapia’s virtual workshop with our 2021 Sweat, Growth,& Gratitude community have made their way to my bloodstream and have been circulating in my system.

Pen to paper, yes, you. Make some time to reflect on those 3 lines above. I highly recommend it!

Dreams live here. And if you’re looking for a solid place to dream from, if you’re looking for some grounding, start with some deep breaths and the wide open space on a blank piece of paper.

And me, I’m taking a break from cannonballing. I’m grabbing a freaking towel, squeezing out my dripping hair, and putting my feet up on the lounge chair with a pen and paper dreaming forward, intentionally. Deep breaths, heart out, hope ahead.

It’s time to have goals again. If you need a push, here it is. You deserve a life that feels good and exciting. You deserve to work hard and GO FOR IT. We deserve it, you and I… and the world needs your energy.