Their Story Matters: Meg's Courage to Move – She.Is.Beautiful & Heart Ping Life

Meet Meg! We feel so honored to share her story. There are so many amazing humans that are differently abled and Meg is such an amazing example of incorporating movement and joy into your life, exactly where you are and with what you have. Movement looks different for all of us and we are so inspired by the way Meg moves with her body and heart. We are so excited to have Meg as one of our 2020 ambassadors.

Hi! I am Megan mainly Meg! I’m from New Jersey and I am a teacher! I am currently teaching kindergarten! I love it with all my heart and wouldn’t want to do anything else besides pursue my dream of becoming more involved in the disability community. I would love to stand up for students that are not getting what they need. I am currently in grad school for my Master’s in Special Education and a minor in law and process. A fun fact about me is that I have a twin sister! Everyone is always surprised about this one. I don’t think we look alike but other people do! 

I have a rare form of dwarfism called Metatropic Dysplasia and in Greek that means always changing. My body is constantly changing and that is not always for the best. I have had 26 surgeries to date. Growing up, my parents did not raise me any different than my sister or peers. I danced, ice skated, horseback rode, and did everything in between! Physical activity has always been a challenge. Basically since birth I was in physical therapy. That puts a sour taste in your mouth about moving. But once I got involved in activities with my friends, it was so much easier. I mean now I don’t mind physical therapy but try telling that to a little kid. I get a lot of physical activity now by dancing with the students. I think that might be my favorite thing to do with them! We start the day dancing and also end mainly dancing! I use a scooter to get around too but I try my hardest not to use it. Anyone that knows me, knows that I push myself to the max. When I signed up for my first race it was right after I had surgery and I thought that I would be able to train but it took so much out of me. I have to realize that I’m not this 16 year anymore. But everything is totally worth it.


I’m excited to participate in the SIB Mileage Club committing to 100 days of movement in 2020 because I want to show people that everyone has their own way of getting their physical activity in. I know I’m not coming home from work and running 5 miles. I’m exhausted for work and the pain that I’m in everyday. It doesn’t matter how you get it in, just keep moving! I will be the first person to tell you that I’m not the perfect physical active person there is. Even in the hospital I still try to stay moving! I can’t wait to be at the starting line again in Santa Barbara!! 

Go Meg! We are cheering for you and look forward to following your journey in 2020!