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Women Who Fly Award

The WINNER of the 2018 Women Who Fly Award: Tricia Price

“My mom, Tricia Price, has not just been flying, but SOARING in her life, career, and fitness journey since long before I was born. It’s truly hard to determine where to begin, but I can think of no one more deserving than my mom. I’ll first speak to her career in education in Santa Barbara for the past 40 years, then her 40+ year run streak, and finally – her life. While my mom has been incredibly blessed in a multitude of ways, she has also faced incredible loss. My Mom, now 65, was born and raised in Santa Barbara. She began her career in education in her early twenties. She taught at many schools throughout Santa Barbara, spreading her infectious love of language, literature, writing, and art. She has taught just about every grade from Kindergarten through 8th grade. After spending many years in the classroom, touching the lives of hundreds of children throughout her teaching career, she transitioned into being a principal. She was the principal at Summerland and Aliso schools, both of which were named California Distinguished schools during her principal-ship. After many years at these two schools, which will forever hold a place in her heart, she was hired at the Superintendent at Cold Spring School in Montecito. She remained at Cold Spring until her recent, hard-earned retirement in 2017. My mom was the epitome of a strong female leader and role model for me growing up. During that time, she also went back to school to get her doctorate, while also raising three children – simply incredible. She worked all day, had meetings at night, and still managed to come home and make us dinner and pack our lunches (with personalized drawings on our brown bags) every single day. I do not know how she did it. As if that is not enough, she has also managed to run EVERY SINGLE DAY for the last 40 + years. She knows the exact number of years…but its roughly 40-45 years. She ran throughout her three pregnancies, she runs when she’s sick, and she runs when she is hurt. In Las Vegas one summer, she even ran laps around the hotel hallway because it was too sketchy to run in the dark. Sometimes we criticize her for being a little bit crazy when it comes to her running…and we encourage her to take a day off here or there, but she is committed and she loves it. Once again, it is a testament to her discipline and passion for the things in her life that matter the most. For many years, my mom would run a few miles every morning, and that kept her happy. Recently, however, she has decided to step it up. Two years ago, my mom ran her first race – She is Beautiful in Santa Barbara! She’d always been content running for pleasure, and racing did not interest her. After her first race, she was hooked! She ran the 5K the first year, and the 10K the following year. This past spring, she trained for and raced her first half marathon! Her love for running, and now racing, continues to grow. I wouldn’t be surprised if she signs up for a marathon sometime in the near future. As you can see, my mom has had an incredibly life. Growing up in Santa Barbara, having a highly successful and meaningful career, marrying a great guy (my dad), and raising three beautiful children. Ten years ago, she lost her son – my brother Walker, who was 19. It was sudden and unexpected and it ripped my mom’s heart out. He was her boy, her only son, and she adored him. It is the hardest thing that my family has had to endure, and while it’s hard to think of anyone hurting more than I did at that time, I think my mom must have hurt the most. I can’t imagine what it is like to lose a child. Despite our loss, my mom has persisted. She still wakes up every single day and goes for a run, she smiles and laughs, and she inspires me now more than ever. Not only does my mom FLY, but she has inspired me to fly as well. It is because of her that I am now in education myself, I am a runner, and I continue to live each day to the fullest in order to honor my brother. “


This year at Santa Cruz we are honoring WOMEN WHO FLY.

We invite you to nominate a woman in your life that FLIES in her career, in her fitness journey, in motherhood, or in overcoming a hardship. A woman that FLIES despite the challenges and the heaviness of life. A woman who has found strength within herself and inspires those around her.

Along with HOKA ONE ONE ®, 5k and 10k Santa Barbara will be selecting a winner of the Women Who Fly Award and announcing this special person at the starting line on Saturday, March 23rd 2019.

Thank you for taking the time to share with us who inspires you to take flight.


Victoria Strong

Heather Emerson 

Katrina Hollins

Selena Baity

Debra Palaci 

Kristin Chambers

Allegra Jacobsen 

Nikki Russo 

Erica Jacobsen

Tiffany Alvarez 

Darlene Webb

Donna Winkley

Lisa Medina 

Tom Wells 

Maria Jimenez

Kortney Delagdillo  

Mireille Sine

Kiana Shelton

Mercedita Lazaro

Tricia Popp

Tricia Price

Yessica Arroyo

China Jones

Jill Gibson

Mercedes Rios

Jill Deering

Holly Angel

Kristiana Almeida

Katie Booser

Mary Beth McLain

Maria Jimenez

Amanda Bowles

Lisa Renteria

Rebecca Ryser

Kelly Fiore

Andrea York

Mercedes Dominguez

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Heather Jackson

Born and raised in Exeter, New Hampshire, Heather gained her competitive spirit playing hockey from a young age, which eventually led her to earn a spot on Princeton’s Division I women’s hockey team for four years. In 2007, her focus shifted in from ice hockey to triathlon after competing in a few local races and realizing she had some real potential in the sport. Heather is a 2x IRONMAN 70.3 Oceanside Champion and recently took 3rd at the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

Favorite shoe to Train in: Clifton 3
Favorite shoe to Race in: Clayton and Tracer


Stephanie Bruce

Stephanie Bruce runs for HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite. She is one of America’s most popular female distance runners, a mom, running nerd, competitor, lover of movies and popcorn. Steph was a 2x All-American at the University of California, Santa Barbara and currently holds a personal best of 2:29:35 in the marathon and 1:10:53 in the half marathon.

Favorite shoe to Train in: Clifton 3
Favorite shoe to Race in: Tracer


Nicole Tully

Nicole was born and raised in sunny Delray Beach, FL. As a 10-time Florida state champion, she went on to compete at Wake Forest University before transferring to Villanova. Graduating first in her class with Magna Cum-Laude Honors in Marketing from Villanova University, Tully set her sights on developing post-collegiately as both an athlete and a working professional. She has succeeded by becoming the 2015 National Champion in the 5000m while working full-time at Canon Solutions America in Marketing Communications. Recently switching her primary event from the 1500m to the 5000m, Nicole has a personal best of 15:04.08 in the 5000m, and currently trains with HOKA NJ*NY Track club under Coach Frank Gagliano.

Favorite shoe to Train in: Vanquish 2
Favorite shoe to Race in: Rocket LD


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