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Community Meet-Ups And SIB Mileage Club Info!

The next Community Meet-Up is on Saturday, January 19th 8:00am-10:00am meeting at Fleet Feet Sports in Aptos.

Everyone is invited!

Learn More about our Virtual Community (SIB) Mileage Club 2019 #SIBMILEAGECLUB


Join our VIRTUAL girl gang with goals!  Registration for the 2019 Mileage Club is OPEN on Monday, October 22nd 2018 at 7:00am on our SHOP SITE.

The SIB Mileage Club is an online community that supports and inspires each member to accomplish a self-selected yearly mileage goal.  Four levels of mileage goals are available so you can pick a goal that’s right for you – choose from 500, 1000, 1500 or 2000 miles.  Your 2019 membership in the SIB Mileage Club includes:

  • An EPIC swag box delivered to your doorstep at the beginning of the year ($120 value!)
  • 25% discount on all 2019 races and events
  • Access to our own private Strava and Facebook communities
  • Monthly check-ins that include motivation and education to crush your goals
  • A supportive, non-competitive group of rad women with goals in life and on the road
  • Finisher’s jacket and medal upon completion of your mileage goal!
    • Your membership allows you to participate in our 2019 races virtually (yes, this is the only way to do our events virtually!)
    • Option to add a Summer Swag Box *exclusive to Mileage Club Members only
      • Includes tank top, goodrs, and a hat
    • All members will receive a specialized Mileage Club bib at our events
    • Opportunity to take part in lifestyle challenges ranging from gratitude, to writing, to nutrition, and more!
    • Access to 5k, 10k, and 10 miler training plans

* 2019 Mileage Club Registration will open online on Monday, October 22nd.  Stay tuned!






Meet Your Virtual Team Captain Katie!

3 FUN Facts About Katie:

  1. RUNNING: She just completed her first 50k (hello, ultra!), and will be training for the 2019 Boston Marathon (her 9th marathon to date). She loves running in beautiful, warm places and has a newfound passion for trail running.
  2. LIFE: She spent a month in Sierra Leone, Africa in 2004 educating local journalists about HIV/AIDS.
  3. LOVE: She loves nature, red wine and coffee!

Katie is a Group Fitness Instructor, Running Coach, and Community Coordinator for Ambassadors!

Hi there! Meet our 2018 Ambassadors. We are proud to have such rad, unique, and fierce ladies representing SIB. Check out some FUN FACTS about them below:


Hi! I’m Sarah, the Team Captain of our Sass Squad.

My closet is mostly filled with black clothes, I’m happy to make an exception and rock pink for the community.

I graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Public Health (a huge passion of mine) …BEARDOWN!

One of my favorite places in the world is Lake Tahoe




I am a Disney fan!  I love Disneyland, Disney World, just about all things Disney.

I am a cleaning enthusiast minimalist. I do not like lots of things in my house. Clutter free is always a goal and if you talk anyone who knows me I LOVE to clean and purge.

Now with my admission of #2, I ironically have a habit of collecting a few random things: sharpies, Disney lipsmackers and Disneyland popcorn buckets. There are times I want to get rid of all those things because like I said I cannot stand clutter but then I stop myself because I have an odd obsession with those things. Oh the struggle!  Lol.


I’m a high school counselor and I love it!

I’m getting married this July, my fiancé and I met on a blind date 9 years ago on 1/20/09.

I always race in a Sparkle Athletic skirt, because it definitely makes me run faster!!




 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in May of 2017, just five months after my first daughter Avery Grace was born.  To say I was devastated, shocked, and confused by my new diagnosis is an understatement.  Here I had the miracle of my new, baby girl on one side and the complete unknown on the other. It was a giant roller coaster of emotions and some of the worst days of my life.  But once my diagnosis was confirmed and some of my initial symptoms receded with the help of steroids, I promised myself that I would do everything in my power to stay strong and capable for my girl.  Her big brown eyes, her smile, laugh and basically everything about her are all the reasons I choose to fight, fight, fight every damn day.

I have always been an athlete, playing both Varsity Volleyball and Basketball in High School and have always been a firm believer that sports can enhance you.  However, it wasn’t until I was older and truly became a runner that this became entirely real to me. Running has completely changed my life and my world.  Yes, I have learned so much about myself out on the road, especially in the last 9 months and it has become my way of taking back my life. But, had it also not been for running I would not know my best friends, my girl gang, nor would I have met the love of my life, Mark Yee.  He is my cheerleader, my hero, my confidant and he fights every, single day with me to make our world everything we want it to be.

I ran my first half marathon in 2004 in 2 hours and 15 minutes.  I swore on that day that I would never, ever run a full marathon and running another half was questionable. Well, I ran the Maui Marathon the following fall and have since run 2 more full marathons and many more halves and other distances. In January of 2014 I ran the Arizona, PF Chang’s Marathon and broke the 4 hour mark! I put my whole heart and soul into training for that race and wanted so badly to qualify for Boston.  Although, I have had some setbacks with my MS and running can be harder than it used to be, I still have dreams of one day running Boston.


I love to travel and would love to do a destination race every year!

I was never active growing up and didn’t start running until 2013.

I have citizenship for three different countries.


I’ve been married for 22 years and proud Mom to 2 beautiful young men(18 & 21). I am a full time elementary school secretary, a.k.a. Chaos Coordinator.

RUNNING: I forged notes as a kid to get out of running and now here I am, training for my very first 50K in 2018!

LIFE: I’ve lived in 2 countries and 4 states, finally coming full circle back to Texas.

LOVE: I love baseball (H-Town Pride, Go Astros!), nachos, naps, and my VW GTI!



They call me “Farm Fancy.”

I’ve had the hots for my husband since our Junior year of college… except he didn’t know it… but as fate would have it… we got married 13 years later… after not seeing each other since graduation in 1997.

Together, we laugh our way through life alongside the World’s Raddest Dog, Rosie.


I love to crochet, I make everything from beanies and blankets to dolls and other toys. Having a little girl has really been a joy, crocheting different things for her has been so fun!

My favorite movie of all time is Jim Henson’s The Labyrinth. Can’t get enough, David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly are amazing!  

I enjoy cooking, baking and making up recipes. I really love to make treats for friends or cook up a colorful healthy new recipes! Pinterest is so much fun to peruse  looking for new ideas.


Some days I LOVE running and some days i HATE running. My passion is Fitness and Healthy Foods! Oh and Good coffee! I have a horse named Jake & he’s a giant (AKA Belgian Draft Horse).

I loathe baking (sorry Crystalynn) anything that requires me to precisely measure ingredients I want nothing to do with haha. I’m more of a, lets try this, this smells good and hmmm, let’s see what this would taste like, when I cook.

I lived in Costa Rica for a year (that’s where my Chihuahua Hurley is from) and it was the best year of my life. Go, see what a beautiful country it is, how loving the people are and what food should really taste like.

I hated running, until I actually did it. I failed many times, but I wasn’t going to give up. I kept trying and trying and now I can’t imagine running not being in my life!


I’ve walked in three 60-mile 3-Day Komen Breast Cancer Walks and 5 39-mile 2-Day Avon Walks for Breast Cancer, and the final year Avon said they’d be sponsoring (2017) I not only was diagnosed 2 months before the Walk, but had a double mastectomy 4 weeks before the walk….still participated and walked more than 1/2 the miles, but physically wasn’t able to do the entire 39.

I was named after my mom’s favorite character, from her favorite movie….Liat


I went to UC Santa Cruz for college and lived there for 4 years. After college I moved to San Diego and lived there for 6 years. The ocean speaks to my soul! I tend to sign up for races that are along the coast!

I didn’t even start to run regularly until after I had my first son. I “became a runner” when I became a mom.

I don’t currently live by the beach (maybe some day!) But, I do have a great trail within walking distance of my home where my kids and husband ride bikes, I run with my dog and all of my running squad. Every time I think about moving, I think about the trail, and I realize I can’t move. This trail really enhances my existence – and the existence of my family!


I played stand-up bass.

My first competitive sport was diving.

I originally wanted to be a marine biologist.



I love to make people laugh. Mostly this happens through storytelling of the crazy unbelievable things that could only happen to me.

I love to sing. Music is my soul.

I once had a dance off with a famous boy bander.

 I love sour candy!

I have had 6 foot surgeries & have pins in the back of my ankle.

Told I was going through menopause & am now carrying my miracle baby!


Interested in joining our 2019 Sass Squad? Email:

2019 SIB Run Crew

2019 Run Crew Information


The Run Crew Member represents the brand and what we stand for. If you’re interested in being a member of our SIB Run Crew, please read through the below information carefully. The word “ambassador” sometimes makes us cringe because we don’t want people to feel like they ever have to talk about if it’s not in their heart. We want our Run Crew to be people who are what SIB is all about: real, messy, athletes of all levels, compassionate, and kind.



SIB Crew Run will serve a one-year period and are encouraged to reapply each year (November 2018 – November 2019).


How to Apply:

  • Fill out the Application HERE
  • Please note: the Application contains an acknowledgment to our terms and conditions.
  • The deadline to submit the Application by October 12, 2018. Mission Statement:

We show up to empower women through movement and community in a supportive environment where they are able to take the lessons learned on the road and trail into the rest of their lives.

We believe that beauty is a feeling more than a physical attribute.

We think there is something powerful that happens when a woman/girl learns how strong she really is and how this can impact the rest of her life.



  • Must love to run (NO speed requirement!)…you may even love/hate it sometimes!    
  • Passionate about self growth
  • Active on Social Media (your Instagram MUST be public)
  • Team player attitude (RESPECT is the name of the game!)


  • Represent the brand in your local community:
    • Attending our community runs (if you live in the area in which they take place)
    • Participate in our Mileage Club (This is an online mileage challenge! It’s really fun and there will be no mileage requirement for our Ambassadors.)
      • All Ambassadors will be given codes for $10 off Mileage Club to share with their communities.
    • Attend our larger events when possible (Santa Cruz & Santa Barbara)
      • If you do not live in the area, good news! We will be allowing Mileage Club members and Ambassadors to complete our races virtually! Whoop whoop!
  • Promote the brand via your social media:
    • Include the SIB Run Crew hashtag or Ambassador standing in your Instagram bio (#SIBRunCrew) *See Social Media Guide*
    • One post per month tagging SIB *See Social Media Guide*
    • Three total posts throughout term for events  (We host several events throughout the year, as a SIB Run Crew member we ask you to help market our events. Ex: Santa Cruz 5k & 10k, Rise Up to Your Life Yoga Event, Santa Barbara 5k & 10k, Community Meet-Ups, etc) *Can be on Instagram Stories- See Social Media Guide*
    • One post (per ambassador term) wearing merchandise. Don’t forget to tag us!
  • Wear provided Sass Squad uniform at the events you attend.



  • Swag box
  • Complimentary entrance into our Mileage Club (Yes, this includes the Mileage Club swag box) – Opportunity to participate in our events virtually
  • Complimentary event access (Ability to do races virtually starting in 2019)
  • You will be featured on our website SIB Run Crew page
  • You will be featured on our blog and social media pages
  • SIB Run Crew uniform to wear at events (and other events if you wish)
  • 25% off all other merchandise


The Fine Print: works hard to show women and girls that beauty is not a physical appearance, but a state of mind. We believe that beauty comes from the inside and is emulated through how you interact with other and walk through life. Our image as a brand is very important to us, therefore, as an extension of our brand, the SIB Run Crew are expected to uphold our values. If we feel that members are misrepresenting our brand, we reserve the right to revoke Run Crew membership standing at anytime, for any reason. Members are not financially compensated in any way. does not pay or reimburse our ambassadors for their time or travel.


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